Take the 30 second Google PR Test. Go to Google. Type in your name. Notice anything non-optimum?

What if there is something false or derogatory written about you or your company?

Controlling the damage done by a false or derogatory piece is an art form. Jet Blue did a great job of handling the upsets with its customers last year by admitting their short falls and instituting a bill of rights for their air passengers. Don't be fooled. That was PR and it was orchestrated beautifully.

Your name is your brand. Don't be surprised if someone about to do business with you Google's your name. If you don't take charge of your online image, someone else will.

This is just one of the things Publicity Plus handles.

Things written about you and your company on the Internet never go away, so, now more than ever, managing you online image is more important than ever. Think about who might do a search to find out about you:

-a prospective employer

-a potential investor

-a potential client or customer

-a family member

Now, you can be in the drivers seat by releasing information that you want known. Our techniques will let you dominate the search results with content you want disseminated.

Strong Brands are built with PR. How strong is your brand? Do you even have one?

Take a look at Starbucks. You never saw any advertising for Starbucks when they were starting. They built their entire brand with PR. Advertising now maintains the brand.

When building a new brand, it might be the smarter move to work on PR first.

Let's face it, you need to have publicity if you want to really grow your brand. Publicity gains credibility by virtue of the medium

There is a lot of noise in the world, commercials, billboards, and spam. People are interested in news, tips, things that add value and don't necessarily sell. PR brings about awareness. Awareness of you, your product or service is the first step to gaining a new client or customer.

PR also brings about credibility and trust. It's a fact that most people do not trust advertising, but they do trust the press.

PR engages your potential public and let's them know who you are, let's them know about your product or service and let's them get to know you in a safe, non-selling environment.

You are doing yourself and your company a disservice if you don't take a look at this. PR and Marketing are related and work together.

Publicity Plus is the Solution to handle one’s image on and off the Internet!

Every business and person has a story to tell. Some stories are engaging, some aren't.

Your average person does not know that there are several elements that MUST be in a story in order for it to garner interest. In fact, if those elements are missing, your articles and press releases just won't get read. Since getting them read is the point, it's imperative that these elements are present. We know those elements and make sure they are present.

Let one of our experts help you present it to the world. Well help you spin the right story and put together. One that will get read.

Based on our evaluation of your story we will customize a program tailored to your needs that will include:

Online Press

Offline Press

Radio Shows

Once we have evaluated that you have a story that can take advantage of our techniques, we will then write, release and monitor articles and press releases, where they are posted and if applicable, work on getting you Radio and Print interviews.

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