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PR 2.0: Putting the Public Back in Public Relations with Deidre Breakenridge

Deidre Breakenridge Duration : 0:50:20

Bare essentials of safety from Air New Zealand

I thought this was quite Interesting Body painted Air New Zealand staff star in our new Bare Essentials of Safety video, created for our Domestic 737 services Here is the link to the song that is played in the video… Duration : 0:3:26

What kind of salary am I looking at going into Public Relations?

I have a BA in Communications from 2005 and plan to finish my MA in Communication Theory, which has specialties in Mass Communication and Public Relations, by 2010. My Masters is coming from one of the Top Ten Universities in the Country in the field of Communications. What kind of salary should I expect to […]

Slavoj Zizek about European Graduate School EGS 2006 1/2 Slavoj Zizek interviewed by Wei Chan and Christian Haenggi, talking about European Graduate School, teaching philosophies and academia, and referring to Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Alain Badiou, Judith Butler, Giorgio Agamben, and Noam Chomsky. Slavoj Zizek Free public open lecture for the students of the European Graduate School EGS, Media and Communication Studies department […]

summer snow ep. 7 pr. 1

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Social Media Summit – July 9, 2009 – LEWIS PR 1 of 2

Optimising Online Content: how social media and SEO are changing the face of marketing was the first LEWIS PR Social Media Summit, in partnership with DWA, held in the LEWIS Meda Centre in London on Thursday July 9, 2009. Jon Silk, Creative Director, LEWIS PR speaking on The role of search in the new PR […]