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Therefore I Am Live Warped Tour Phoenix 6/30/09 “The Publicist” High Def

Playing “The Publicist” Duration : 0:3:34

Meet Comet Branding

Comet Branding is a progressive branding, marketing and pr shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The agency first and foremost helps clients use strategic branding and pr to grow their business. It specializes in using storytelling and personality and leveraging social media in the marketing mix. Marketing Agency, public relations agency Duration : 0:1:49

Vice President Joe Biden’s PR Stunt Spoiled by WeAreChange Ohio

Members of WeAreChange Ohio crashed a press event headlined by Vice President Joe Biden. The Vice President was speaking in Cincinnati to tout the stimulus packaged that was passed in the opening weeks of the Obama Administration. Biden did not mention that over 12.8 trillion dollars has been funneled into international banks and financial institutions. […]

Online PR Using Internet based Communication Tools Steve Parker Duration : 0:6:45

Client on to discuss Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor

Attorney Marisol Gomez of Coral Gables-based Gamba Lombana P.A. was a guest this morning on She was brought on to discuss the Senate confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Duration : 0:0:53

Behind the Scenes: President Obama & Disney’s Hall of Presidents

As Disney’s Hall of Presidents prepares for its grand reopening, President Obama tapes the audio for the debut of his life-size animatronic figure. Watch the behind-the-scenes video. (Public Domain) Duration : 0:2:21

How to change your name on Socom FTB2 online using Nite PR

READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make sure video annotations are on I’m going to teach you how to change your name while you are in the lobby for Socom FTB 2 online. It doesn’t change it permanently it just changes it while your in a game lobby. You are going to need nite pr for this. Duration : […]

What is an entry level job or internship like in public relations?

I am thinking about going into the field of public relations and would like to know what kind of job I will have once I get out of college. The type of entry level jobs you can get out of college for public relations will depend on the economy. Maybe you can get on with […]