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Secret Insurance Industry Memo Discovered

Watch more at Duration : 0:3:35

(A Message from Chris Brown) Chris Brown’s Official Apology. Boy your PR people are good

Chris brown’s camp has released a video of Chris brown apologizing to Rihanna and the public. They are good lol. Tell me what you guys think, do you buy his message. don’t get me wrong, i believe he deserves a second chance, i don’t think his career should be over, hes probably a nice guy, […]

SF4 rob-_-PR(RYU) VS Michael5469 BATTLE ONLINE

TheMrRYU, 3899SF4 rob-_-PR(RYU) VS Michael5469 BATTLE ONLINE Duration : 0:3:24

Where can I buy NY yankees fitted cap with Pr flag?

Where Can I buy the ny Yankees caps With the pr flag inside of the Ny symbol.Looking for a place online preferably. look through here powered by Yahoo Answers

“the Affordable Publicist” – Brand new program! Let this video inspire you! We know how hard it is to make it in this business. You deserve notoriety for all of your hard work. We are here to help. We know in the entertainment industry it is hard to keep your head above water. There is a solution! Pillar Entertainment Group is […]

Modern PR: The New Trust

Testing apple keynote with a small presentation on my opinion on todays public relations practices. – I know my english isn’t good – I know I’m not a great public speaker …. that’s part of why I did this. Tell me what you make of this. Duration : 0:4:30

WebPRpro: Professional PR and SEO at a fraction of the cost and turnaround time!

Learn how WebPRpro can help your company get professional PR and SEO at a fraction of the cost and turnaround time! Take an online questionairre and receive your professional PR and SEO materials in just 3 days. Duration : 0:4:17

I’m from india and planning to visit australia and wondering if i can get a PR?

My girl friend is a citizen of australia and I’m planning to go there on a visit. what are the chances of getting my PR if I go on a visit visa. You have zero chance of getting a permanent visa from a tourist visa even if you can get a tourist visa in the […]