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spin, positive spin, publicity, pr, public relations, media, london eye, london, river thames What Is Your Best Possible Spin? spin “positive spin” publicity pr “public relations” media “london eye” london “river thames” Duration : 0:0:39

RCU Event Coverage – TNT’s ETOC 2009-RJ Gritter- Freestyle Sequence

RCU Event Coverage – TNT’s ETOC 2009 First held in 2004 ETOC (Electric Tournament of Champions) has quickly become the premier event for indoor airplane aerobatics. In 2008 the ETOC raised the bar to the level of being the greatest indoor electric contest held. An this year will not only continue, but promises to get […]

Krystal the publicist sings Ice Ice Baby.

Who knew they could rap in Minnesota? Duration : 0:1:7

Public Relations Blame it on the boogie

Duration : 0:3:56

Pixels & Bricks: Post-It Donkey Kong in Raleigh

In preparation for the Kirby Derby parade, an 8 foot tall Donkey Kong emerged from a pile of post-it notes. No one was prepared for what happened next. by Gamil Design hi-rez here: Duration : 0:1:17