The Publicity Plus line of products are the brain child of Yada Yada Marketing.

All great ideas are born from problems.  Publicity Plus is no different and started as a solution to a problem we were having ourselves.

We wanted to get better exposure on the internet for our own company without spending a fortune. We also found an anonymous post written in a newsgroup about our founder that not only was false, but was showing up on page one when her name was searched on the Internet.  This was costing us money.

Additionally, we have worked with a lot of offline or “normal” Public Relations firms and we noticed that even those firms were having trouble if their clients internet presence was tarnished.

The fact is, most media people, especially reporters are just too darned busy these days to spend a huge amount of time building a story. You have to do all the homework, and have the story practically done for them. If you send out your press release and they have some interest, their usual first step will be to Google your name. If they see only your site, or worse, your site plus a couple other sites that have some negative comments you are blown out of the water immediately.

If they see a number of search results for your name and links to articles and past interviews in high profile websites, the first hurdle in the process of pitching your story is passed, and you are that much closer to being heard and getting your message out broadly in a way that is impossible to buy with even millions of dollars worth of advertising.

With over 30 years of combined experience with both the search engines, offline PR and internet advertising, we combined and created a method of online publicity that works wonders for individuals and companies alike.

We also do this service in conjunction with many reputable PR firms either on a pure “white label” basis where your PR firm can take all the credit if it likes.

Publicity can do wonders for not just the perception of your firm, but for establishing yourself as a recognized authority in your field. Contact us today at 800 920-1985 and get started. You will be pleasantly surprised when you find out the cost. It is truly not prohibitive. Call us now.

Get your company in the public eye.

We offer all of the services below and can tailor a program to your needs:

  • Professionally written attention grabbing article
  • Professional marketing assistance in developing your story angle and topic
  • Conversion to press release and newsworthy item format
  • Keyword recommendations based on our extensive ongoing keyword marketing research
  • Search Engine Optimization of article based on your chosen keywords
  • Placement of your article/release in top online article hubs including online wire services
  • Placement of your optimized article with the PR Newswire
  • Dozens of top content sites linking back to your site via links in your article submission thereby improving your organic search rankings
  • Opportunities coming to your business from those who see your article. When we did this for our company we received an invitation to be a featured guest on a 400 station radio network!
  • Infomercial production
  • Media interview coaching
  • Need Publicity?

    Online? Offline? Radio? TV? Coaching? Call us. We can help!
  • It used to be said that the only guarantees in life are death and taxes. Add that picture your friend took of you last week and posted it on MySpace! It’ll be there forever. –Laura Betterly

  • High-level, big-deal publicity has a way of getting old for me, but what never fails to thrill me is when I make personal appearances. Joseph Barbera

  • Publicity is the life of this culture – in so far as without publicity capitalism could not survive – and at the same time publicity is its dream. John Berger

  • The art of publicity is a black art; but it has come to stay, and every year adds to its potency. Learned Hand

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