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Pixels & Bricks: Post-It Donkey Kong in Raleigh

In preparation for the Kirby Derby parade, an 8 foot tall Donkey Kong emerged from a pile of post-it notes. No one was prepared for what happened next. by Gamil Design hi-rez here: Duration : 0:1:17

Public Relations Cosmic girl

Duration : 0:4:18


IMPORTANT!!! DOWNLOAD AND SAVE MY VIDEOS ! My channel has been targeted to be deleted from youtube. It could happen any day now. Viacom is not the only problem here. Youtube could have dismissed the claim, but they did not. They just accommodate them to no end here on youtube and they never lift a […]

Janelle Nicolo, PR Director of Perfect Body Online

Janelle Nicolo, Perfect Body Online’s PR Director and CSF Coach talks about Perfect Body Online! Duration : 0:2:5

Hudson Heights: The Poison and the Publicist From “Little Bytes of the Big Apple,” a series of videos of New York by author and NYC guide, Robert Westfield. Robert is unhappy with his publicist and we take a relaxed stroll through Fort Tryon Park. Duration : 0:3:44

Choosing between an Ad or PR firm

Aldo Cundari, Chair & CEO of Cundari advertising and Carol Panasiuk, Executive VP & GM of public relations firm Cohn & Wolfe Canada respond to a webcast question from a small business owner on what the difference is between an advertising and public relations firm. Duration : 0:2:30

The President Introduces the Office of Public Engagement

The President announces that the Office of Public Liaison will now change its name to the Office of Public Engagement, and will also change its mission accordingly. He discusses the Citizen’s Briefing Book, a project of the Presidential Transition Team, as an example of the value that public engagement can produce. (Public Domain) Duration : […]

Contact Celebrities + Their Agents, Managers & Publicists

Jordan McAuley of talks about his service that lets you contact over 58,000 celebrities for autographs and more using his online rolodex of celebrity addresses and celebrity contact information. Duration : 0:7:8

Saving Private Ryan (1998) Part 07

See all 17 parts!! When Steven Spielberg was an adolescent, his first home movie was a backyard war film. When he toured Europe with Duel in his 20s, he saw old men crumble in front of headstones at Omaha Beach. That image became the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan, his film of a mission […]


Meet Samantha — she wants a pizza. BLOG: FOLLOW MY TWEETS: FACEBOOK: SUBSCRIBE TO MY OTHER CHANNEL: MYSPACE: Thank you guys so much for always being so supportive I love reading your comments, watching video responses and blog comments! Thanks again for subscribing to my vids, yo! Duration : 0:4:50